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By Nova Harris on Jan 23, 2015
The University of Pennsylvania's 2015 Integrated Product Lecture will feature Richard Saul Wurman on the evening of February 2, 2015 in the lower gallery of Meyerson Hall (210 South 34th Street). more
By Nova Harris on Jan 14, 2015
What is Resilience? In The Resilience Dividend , Judith Rodin , president of the Rockerfeller Foundation and former President of the University of Pennsylvania, describes resilience as, "the capacity of an entity - an individual, a community, an organization, or a natural system - to prepare for disruptions, to recover from shock and stresses, and to adapt and grow from a disruptive experience" and cites 21st century challenges like rapid urbanization/population growth, climate change, and globalization as "intertwined and affect[ing] one another in a social-economic nexus." Praised by the likes of President Bill Clinton , Michael R. Bloomberg , former... more

Courtesy of Phillyist.com

By Nova Harris on Jan 9, 2015
With a focus on human-centered design and design for sustainability, the Product Design graduate program at UArts explores the nature of materials, products and manufacturing from both a regional and a global perspective, taking particular advantage of the resurgent Philadelphia metropolitan region as a laboratory and an available set of case studies. New digital fabrication tools and rapid prototyping processes are explored within the cultural, environmental and business contexts that shape these ongoing developments. more