The Center for Architecture conducts charitable and educational activities in Greater Philadelphia to advance the knowledge of architecture and further the appreciation and improvement of our communities and the built environment. Activities include the education of children about the built environment and providing interpretive materials and programs for the general public. Programs currently supported by the Center include Architecture in Education, Community Design Collaborative and Charter High School for Architecture and Design (CHAD).

The Center for Architecture currently implements the following programs:

  • The Louis I. Kahn Memorial Lecture continues a 20-year lecture series to honor the memory of noted Philadelphia architect Louis I. Kahn.
  • The Architecture in Education program provides enrichment services to children in the region's schools. The program is delivered through volunteer architects and students of architecture.
  • The Architectural Guide to Philadelphia is produced by the Center for Architecture. It is available in local bookstores.
  • The Community Design Collaborative and the Charter High School for Architecture and Design have been sponsored by the region's architects and will benefit from the charitable support of the Center for Architecture.

The Board of Directors of the Center for Architecture is in the active process of evaluating its mission and activities. Future work is expected to assist in the development of the design professions and the education of the public to enhance the development of more livable communities.