DesignPhiladelphia Festival

DesignPhiladelphia Festival


DesignPhiladelphia Festival

The 2016 Festival

The 12th annual DesignPhiladelphia Festival will take place from October 6-16, 2016, with no programming on the 11th + 12th in observation of Yom Kippur. 

This Year's Theme: Home. 

It's the places where we live and where we come from. But it's also a feeling of comfort and something that is familiar. Whether it's an apartment; house; office; favorite park; City; or our World...the design of all of these places can help transform a place into that familiar, comforting feeling of home. In 2016, the DesignPhiladelphia festival will focus on events and programs that demonstrate how design can strengthen the our connections to places, to ourselves, and to each other. 

How to Participate

We are proud to collaborate with some of Philadelphia's brightest stars to produce the 2016 Festival. Join the community of Philadelphians who have supported DesignPhiladelphia in the past and connect with thousands of people here in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for an email announcing when event submission is live! 

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About DesignPhiladelphia

As the oldest and largest design festival of its kind in the country, DesignPhiladelphia highlights the work of thousands of local designers, architects, and creative professionals to demonstrate Philadelphia’s reemergence as a 21st century city shaped by thoughtful design, collaborative business practices, and community engagement. Over the course of ten days each October, places such as universities, cultural institutions, civic associations, city agencies, retailers, manufacturers, and startups across the city participate in over 100 engaging events including panel discussions, fashion shows, participatory workshops, studio tours, book signings, professional development classes, design exhibitions, and imaginative celebrations.

Philadelphia is a unique environment with a strong history and tradition of design, manufacturing, and architecture. The days of being called "the workshop of the world" are in the past, but Philadelphia's identity as a hub for creative activity never vanished - instead it was transformed. The opportunities for design exploration and innovation through the wealth of cultural institutions, universities, and an expanding entrepreneurial base are endless. In this setting, the DesignPhiladelphia Festival emerged in 2005 to identify, celebrate, and raise the profile of this city's creative economy, all 50,000+ of them.

Our Mission

DesignPhiladelphia's goal is to support, demonstrate, and promote the ability that design has to generate innovation, solve problems, enhance daily life, and influence both the perception and economics of the region.

Our Goals

  • Connect design, designers, and design methodologies to promote Philadelphia as a center for creative excellence, engagement, and innovations.
  • Grow the economic opportunity for trade and investment in Philadelphia's creative sector.
  • Enhance Philadelphia's reputation and promote its cultural, historic, and contemporary design assets.
  • Retain future generations by providing opportunities for young people, students, and graduates to explore creative careers and interact with the local design community.
  • Educate the public on the role that design plays, and can play, both in the vibrancy of our communities and the quality of our everyday lives.
  • Promote design as an integral part of socially and environmentally sustainable communities by creating a space for public dialogue and experimentation.