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By Tiffany Mercer-Robbins on Oct 11, 2019
Looking to be inspired by more great arts-focused content this fall? Check out the B. PHL Innovation Festival. B. PHL is a new, city-wide innovation festival designed to build the city’s reputation as the most innovative city on the East Coast. On Oct. 15-17, locations around Philadelphia will host more than 200 interactive workshops, sessions, exhibits, and events highlighting innovation in a range of fields. B. PHL will give attendees face-to-face access to the visionaries shaping the future of Philadelphia over three jam-packed days. The festival aims to help people make connections and to ignite new ideas. B. PHL boasts... more

Pictured Left to right: Sam Garst, Tim Bulluck (Amtrak On-Board Services), BreAnna Bechtold, Brandon Bauer, Kristin Kopple, Arcangelo Guida, Robin Kohles
Photo Credit: Amtrak

By Tiffany Mercer-Robbins on Oct 11, 2019
Attendees Focused on Reducing Waste and Innovating Existing On-board Delivery Services to Minimize Amtrak’s Environmental footprint. PHILADELPHIA – On Thursday evening, Amtrak welcomed 20 DesignPhiladelphia industrial and product designers and students onboard trains at William H. Gray III 30 th Street Station in an effort to source potential sustainable delivery solutions at its “ Food Delivery Design with Amtrak- Get Carried Away ” design charrette. DesignPhiladelphia is a 10-day festival produced by the Center for Architecture and Design that is held every October. “Amtrak is always open to new ideas to help us improve our customers’ on-board experience, particularly while... more
By Tiffany Mercer-Robbins on Oct 10, 2019
Iconic tile provider Nemo Tile + Stone has recently opened up shop in Philadelphia’s Old City District, welcoming architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts alike to specify the brand’s extensive selection of surfacing materials. We chatted with Nemo Tile + Stone’s Design Director, Katie Michael-Battaglia to learn a bit more about what the brand has geared up for the showroom. What made you select the Old City District location? “The Old City District is being transformed into a design destination, with prominent showrooms emerging throughout the neighborhood, which has made the location ideal for growing the Nemo Tile + Stone... more