Amtrak’s Excited to Work with Philadelphia Design Community in First Year at DesignPhiladelphia

September 19, 2019 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2019 Festival


Amtrak is participating in DesignPhiladelphia this year for the first time, and the company is excited to welcome industrial and product designers to help progress its sustainability goals at its “Food Delivery Design with Amtrak- Get Carried Away” design charrette onboard its long-distance cars.

“Here at Amtrak, we are constantly seeking new ideas that help us improve our customers’ on-board experience and, increasingly, lessen our impact on the environment,” says Lenka Hennessy, Amtrak’s Senior Director of Product Development & Customer Experience. “When we discovered the opportunity to participate in DesignPhiladelphia, we realized that we had an unique chance to tap into Philadelphia’s creative design community to help Amtrak solve a food service delivery challenge in our evolving on-board customer experience: We must effectively deliver meals to our customers and exceed their expectations while reducing packaging, waste and dependence on single-use plastic.”

On October 10th, Amtrak will be inviting industrial and product designers who have an interest in sustainable design to come on board Viewliner Sleeper and Dining cars to meet employees, learn about Amtrak’s sustainability and food service goals and subsequently design potential solutions for a new onboard food service delivery model.

Environmental sustainability is a corporate focus at Amtrak, with the company setting annual sustainability goals and now approaching a decade of implementing sustainability efforts across various company functions (learn more on The company’s sustainability program encompasses electricity and fuel conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, recycling, material management and climate resilience.  Since 2010, Amtrak has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 17%.  Additionally, Amtrak has a recycling goal of 20% by 2020 and, through projects like this, is able to collaborate with the Food and Beverage team, vendors, facilities teams and on-board staff to improve onboard recycling and material diversion.  Reducing waste and innovating existing processes- like how food is delivered on-board- are essential to shrinking Amtrak’s environmental footprint. In the words of Kara Angotti, Senior Sustainability Manager at Amtrak: “It’s rare that we have an opportunity to crowd-source innovation - to help us envision what’s possible - which is why we’re excited to see bigger, brighter and more courageous ideas.”

Interested DesignPhiladelphia participants can register for the event here. The best designs will be awarded with complimentary Acela tickets or branded Amtrak merchandise. Amtrak hopes to see you there!


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