ART OF ACTIVE PLAY for DesignPhiladelphia 2015

September 28, 2015 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2015 Festival

Ticket Price: $5 - $10
Thursday October 8th | 6 - 8PM

Ticket Price: Free.
Thursday October 8th - October 16th |10AM - 4PM

Ticket Price: Free; registration encouraged.
Monday October 12th | 11:00AM - 2:00PM

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Play spaces can invigorate communities in Philadelphia

Forget about your traditional playground. The Community Design Collaborative is on a mission to design innovative play spaces that break the boundaries of traditional playgrounds and make room for creative exploration.  The play spaces they are envisioning can increase the quality of childcare and early childhood education, closing the achievement gap and increasing children’s readiness to learn in school.

But what exactly is a play space?

A play space is any place that offers children and their caregivers opportunities to interact, them patience and understanding and strengthening basic social and conflict resolution skills. Play spaces provide a venue to build strong interpersonal relationships, which makes these spaces a crucial element in healthy childhoods, strong communities, and family friendly cities.

Throughout the Play Space initiative, the Community Design Collaborative will further explore the role of design in creating these spaces through a variety of programs and events. 

Community involvement is central to the process.

During the Art of Active Play, community members have been the designers, builders, and users. The Art of Active Play program began in August 2015 with three community design-build projects along the Lancaster Avenue commercial corridor in West Philadelphia. Over three weeks, Public Workshop engaged youth, design professionals, artists, and community members to develop prototypes for innovative play elements that invite children, to be physically active. 

Youth, designers, community members, and passersby helped evolve the play elements and engage the surrounding community in the process. They jumped, climbed, tested, built and rebuilt – continually improving the elements with the goal of encouraging exploration, active play, and engagement in small spaces along typical Philadelphia streets.

How to participate in The Art of Active Play at DesignPhiladelphia

The Community Design Collaborative is heading up the Next Generation track, which is designed for children, young adults, and families to explore design and discover its ability to create positive change.

Throughout the Festival, the three new play pieces will be moved to Smith Memorial Playground, where you can try out them out! During the Healthy Play Panel on October 8, hear from experts in public health, education, and design who will discuss the impact of play on childhood learning and health and its surprising role in creating a great city. Or turn Columbus Day into a “day of play” for the whole family on October 12. 

More about the Community Design Collaborative + Play Space

The Community Design Collaborative provides the resources to kick start for meaningful projects in public spaces throughout greater Philadelphia. The Community Design Collaborative provides pro bono design services to nonprofit organizations in greater Philadelphia, creates engaging volunteer opportunities for design professionals, and raises awareness about the importance of design in revitalizing communities.

This year at DesignPhiladelphia they’ll be shifting their focus toward making better playspaces for children and families throughout Philadelphia with the Art of Active Play. The Art of Active is a joint effort of the Community Design Collaborative, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health/Get Healthy Philly, and Public Workshop. 

The Art of Active Play is a component of a larger initiative of the Community Design Collaborative and the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children, called Infill Philadelphia: Play Space. To learn more about the exciting upcoming programs and events, including an international Design Competition to redesign the play spaces at a Philadelphia library, recreation center, and public school, visit:

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