Bidding is open for the 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Silent Auction

September 28, 2014 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2014 Festival

Reflecting Design | The 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Silent Auction.

A 10th anniversary is a time to reflect. So, we asked 20 of Philadelphia's nationally and internationally renowned artists and designers to reimagine and transform a simple IKEA mirror into something daring and remarkable. All proceeds benefit DesignPhiladelphia and the year-round education programming of the Philadelphia Center for Architecture. The mirrors are online now and available for bid! Click here to go over to Paddle8 and have a look through the 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Silent Auction, and click here to purchase your tickets to PopUp Place Kickoff Benefit + Party.

Bluecadet, A Glimpse Down the Rabbit Hole, 2014 

An infinity mirror is a fairly simple optical trick that gives the illusion of an infinite space. Using a one way mirror reflecting another mirror with an LED array sandwiched in-between, we create a near infinite loop of reflection. Using a depth sensor the mirror can become aware of the viewer. Using an microprocessor the mirror can respond to the viewers presence, distance and gaze. Using a battery pack this neat little trick can seem totally self contained and we hope just a little bit magical. Materials: 2 mirrors, an LED array, Arduino, sonar sensor, battery pack, glue, hot glue, wires, trial and error. Place your bid here.

Carolyn Keer, Someone Else's Shoes, 2014

"I set about making art with things from my house and the IKEA mirror. The final piece is a "reflection" of my ten years with the unique aesthetic of high/low and found/new of Anthropologie and my love of not-so-perfect portraits. Materials: Ikea Hemnes Mirror, two flea market found frames that I took off my hallway wall, ancient acrylic paint left over from college (I think) mixture of Elmer's glue and water, white spray paint and finally a painting done by my boyfriend's grandmother that was hidden in our garage." Place your bid here.

Brownstein, Signs of the Times, 2014

Brownstein Group's studio chose to make the mirror a showcase of Philadelphia's independent commercial spirit & typographic heritage. Reading Terminal, The Gallery, John's Roast Pork, Dolphin Tavern, the East Passyunk Indian — a whole cavalcade of beloved, iconic, forgotten & altogether ace signage. The finely cut gold designs are under-mounted on glass. Underneath is a second clear pane, allowing for a slight drop shadow to fall on the mirror itself. The frame is hand painted, faux patina'd & distressed. A reflection of found beauty & design and a salute from one independent Philly shop to a host of others, past & present. Place your bid here.

Cover image is a detail shot of Kevin O'Brien's Meaning of a Mirror. See the full piece here.

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