A Day in the Life at Brownstein

October 3, 2014 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2014 Festival


Part of the 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Festival
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Brownstein Group's Signs of the Times exhibition celebrates Philadelphia’s past and how it inspires us today.

Signs of the Times is about looking forward while we celebrate the making of Philadelphia as a destination for designers and artists; it's about crafting beautiful new things on the foundation that has been lain down for us — a painting, a sign, a lyric, even a starting line-up. 

The reception for the exhibition, at the Center for Architecture, will feature digital spray paint by Incredible Machines and live screen printing of limited edition prints, tees, and totes by Awesome Dudes. This reception is free, however Brownstein Group will be collecting donations which will go towards art supplies for local Philly schools.

Exhibition on view from October 9 through October 19 at the Center for Architecture (1218 Arch Street). Hours: Monday through Saturday, from 10am–6pm, and Sunday from 12pm–5pm.

Take a walk through a day in the life at Brownstein Group in the slideshow above. All images courtesy of brownsteingroup.com

Read "Signs of the Times - A Brownstein Group Exhibit Celebrating 50 Years" on the Philadelphia Egotist here.

more about Brownstein Group

Brownstein Group is a Signature Sponsor of the 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Festival. This year, the company is celebrating 50 years of Branding, PR, and Advertising for smart companies – a list including IKEA®, Comcast, ESPN, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Beneficial Bank.

But all you need to know about Brownstein Group, Berny Brownstein said in a recent interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer: “It’s reaching people and motivating them, that’s what we’re all about.”

Visit them on the web here.

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