DesignPhiladelphia Event Guides Are Here!

September 14, 2014 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2014 Festival


The DesignPhiladelphia Festival, an annual event of the Center for Architecture, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year from October 9-17.

We invite you to explore design in traditional and unexpected ways through over 120 exhibits, workshops, demonstrations, tours, lectures, and events held in a variety of venues across the city. Experience how design impacts your everyday life through wide-ranging topics; including architecture, urban planning, interior, landscape, graphic, multi-media, product, and furniture design.  

The Official Event Guide for 2014 is now available at design hubs throughout the city; including the Center for Architecture, AIA Bookstore, Crane Arts, NextFab, and AIGA Space.


Browse the full calendar of events online here.

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