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September 27, 2013 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2013 Festival


The Arts Garage Open House

Every evening October 14 - 18 | 6:00PM-11:00PM The Arts Garage,  1533-35 Ridge Avenue Free with RSVP              

For years The Arts Garage has been providing a venue for artists, designers, and performers of all pedigree to express themselves in an environment catered for creative minds. Over the past few months, the Arts Garage has been under a complete renovation and expansion designed to better serve Philadelphia's Creative Community. Ola Solanke, executive director, says, "The Arts Garage has always been committed to serving the artistic community of Philadelphia, and in order to do that better we have revamped the entire space. We invite the community to come and see the new space and spend the week with us. We'll be serving up drinks and music while designers and artists will be onsite showcasing their talent."

Eduardo Calmon, of Akari Imaging LLC, tells me he's proud to be a part of the massive undertaking. "After doing visual work for several events at The Arts Garage in the past, we are excited to be taking on an even greater challenge of doing a full custom video installation." He explains that visitors will be greeted with a large visual installation located above the new outdoor patio space. Calmon describes his work as, "3D projection mapping," which he says, "existed in its digital form for awhile, stretching back even further to analog techniques. It has now become a tested and proven technique for creative communication."

Inspired by Philly While being in Philadelphia offers the Arts Garage a healthy pool of talent and creatives of all pedigree, Calmon suggests there's more to it. "There's truly a sense of community that I haven't experienced in other large cities. While New Yorkers tend to identify with their neighborhoods, Philadelphians are just that - Philadelphians. This brotherly spirit has only boomed in the recent years as makers and creators have taken residence in the old abandoned warehouses to hone and perfect their craft. There is a resurgence of creative art and design happening in our city, and I cannot wait to experience what comes out of it!"

On the horizon Solanke tells me once their Open House is concluded, "The Arts Garage will continue their indoor and outdoor build out to make the facility more permissive and less restrictive for artists f all pedigree." Calmon is looking forward to, "seeing lighting design and projection mapping push the limits of space and perception in both the artistic and commercial worlds." For more info on The Arts Garage, visit their website or check them out on Facebook. For more info on Eduardo Calmon and Akari Imaging LLC, visit their website or see their Facebook page.

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