Frankford Pause by the Community Design Collaborative Unveiled

Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled the Community Design Collaborative’s conceptual plans for Frankford Pause, Destination Frankford’s pop up park to be built on the vacant lot next to the Margaret-Orthodox Station, at the corner of Frankford Avenue and Paul Street.


The park, premiering next spring, will be a hub of community activity, and will serve as a destination for the city of Philadelphia, laying the groundwork for a future permanent park. Or, as Kim Washington of Frankford Community Development Corporation (FCDC) explains, “In the short term, we’re designing a public space for people to come and use, to get an idea of what works and doesn’t work.”


The idea for the park came from CoDC’s volunteer team, led by Alexa Bosse. Using a bright pink cloth as the key element, the team created an interactive community space and a pop up gallery next to the park. The cloth will crisscross overhead, containing lighting activated by the sound of passing trains, while pink paths of artificial turf will traverse the ground, as well as movable cubes covered in pink turf that can be reconfigured to fit any community event.


The park will also provide a venue for new wall murals by Philadelphia’s own Cesar Viveros. Read more about Cesar Viveros on his artist profile on uwishunu.

Read more on Frankford Pause, and check out the Community Design Collaborative’s blog here, or click here to view their photos from last Saturday’s unveiling with Mayor Michael Nutter.


More from Destination Frankford:

“As a flexible open space, the park will serve as a venue for gatherings and celebrations, and will provide much needed social space along the corridor. With a performance stage, open lawn, and vegetable garden, the Frankford Pause supports a wide range of community activities. As an interactive art environment, the park design uses bold colors and sound activated lighting to create a totally unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else in the city.”


The Frankford Pause was designed by the Community Design Collaborative.

The Community Design Collaborative is a community design center that provides pro bono preliminary design services to nonprofit organizations in greater Philadelphia, offers unique volunteer opportunities for design professionals, and raises awareness about the importance of design in community revitalization.

Early design assistance is critical to nonprofits and the communities they serve. Preliminary design services help nonprofits see new opportunities, make the most of scarce resources, engage stakeholders, get projects funded and built, and strengthen neighborhoods. However, the cost of preliminary design services is often out of reach.


The Frankford Pause will be developed and operated by the Frankford Community Development Corporation.

FCDC is committed to building the assets of the Frankford community by providing an increase in job opportunities, building affordable housing, supporting the growth of an increase in financial resources through the neighborhood, and supporting the stabilization of local businesses.

To reach this mission, FCDC has been providing direct assistance to the Frankford Business and Professional Association by assisting with and participating in business association focus and general meetings. FCDC also works closely with the Office of Business Services to help meet the needs of businesses within the commercial corridor directly by developing a language access plan for Spanish speaking and Asian-language speaking business owners.


Concept images from Destination Frankford and CoDC.

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