From now until September 1st, Hidden City Philadelphia is prompting Philadelphians to find the perfect golden hour shot. The photograph can be of anything, as long as it's in Philadelphia, and as long as it's basking in beautiful light from the last hours of the setting summer sun. 

The images will be published in an album called Golden Hours and posted on the Hidden City Daily site on September 22nd (the official last day of summer).

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There is nothing quite like the Philadelphia golden hour in the summertime, that gorgeous fleeting moment when night bursts into first light and day stretches into its dark repose. When the city is drenched in the lustrous warmth of dusk and dawn the heart swells. A half-eaten cup of cherry water ice leaking onto the sidewalk becomes an incandescent objet d’art. Derelict row houses glisten with the radiance of gilded cathedrals. Streets melt into sky and everything and everyone looks like they’re in a film about a city on Mars. Sunsets are all well and good but the golden hour is when Philadelphia truly burns with natural beauty.

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So, grab your smart phone, DSLR, medium format, 35mm, Polaroid or disposable camera and get shooting. When you’ve found your perfect shot send it to [email protected] by September 1st. Make sure to include your name and the location of where the photo was taken. On instagram, use the hashtag #hiddencitygoldenhour and note your location in the caption.

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Photo courtesy of Hidden City, taken by Michael Bixler "The Golden Hour plus the Wissahickon equals…stunning"

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