JFK Plaza/LOVE Park Reimagined

March 26, 2015 |

On Tuesday, March 24, the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department and Fairmount Park Conservancy hosted a public meeting to present new design concepts for the reimagining of JFK Plaza/LOVE Park. Hargreaves Associates, the project’s lead architectural firm, carefully incorporated citizen defined goals to produce four plans consisting of the same elements but with different layouts. Each plan features a lawn, fountain, garden, food truck area, seating, and visitor center.

The final design will be announced at a public meeting on April 30, but before the decision is made, the design team welcomes public feedback.

Let’s take a look at the proposed plans! 

“Square 1” and “Square 2” are the greener plans among the four. “Square 1” features a square-shaped lawn that can host up to 1,750 people for a performance event. It includes a square fountain and a rectangle garden. “Square 2” plan promises to host 1,400 people for performance event in addition to multiple seating areas with chairs and tables. Featuring a marquise-shaped fountain, “Square 2” allows more space for food trucks and walking than “Square 1”.

“Bow-Tie 1” and “Bow-Tie 2” involve slightly smaller lawns and gardens but a pathway cutting through the park that would align with the LOVE statue and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Equal in seating space for performance event (1,400 people each), the two proposals differ in the shape of their lawns, with round lawn featured in “Bow-Tie 1” and a square lawn in “Bow-Tie 2”, as well as differing shapes for the fountain.

What do you think about the proposed designs? Learn more about the project and vote for your favorite design here.

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