LightArt and 3form for the 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Festival

September 26, 2014 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2014 Festival



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Curious about lighting? Wondering about resin?

LightArt and 3form invite you to hear from Ryan Smith, LightArt founder, president and creative director. Once you’ve learned a little about the art of light, put your skills to the test and participate in a unique design challenge.

Design and build a pendant prototype using paper and lighting components, all which will be provided. We’ll be hanging the final results up at the Center for Architecture for visitors to enjoy throughout the Festival.

more about LightArt

LightArt, a division of 3form, is a lighting fabrication and design studio based in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Every fixture is hand-built and made to order by our team of local artisans, with products ranging from a simple wall sconce to a 35’ tall custom chandelier. Scroll through ten examples of their gorgeous work below.

Linear Ribbon - A river of light over 30 feet long winds down the hallway of a Seattle law office.

Mars Sculpture - Commissioned by PGAV Destinations for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center, this rendition of the Red Planet washes visitors in a warm glow.

Ribbon Tangle Sculpture - One of LightArt's largest installations yet, this massive sculpture swoops and spirals through a multistory hotel space.

Connected - LightArt's innovative modular lighting system can be used to create fixtures from simple rounded rectangles to complex honeycomb shapes and much more.

LA2 One - Whether in a hospital, retail location or residence, LightArt's LA2 line with 1,000+ standard colors lend the perfect contemporary touch to any space.

Classic Drum - LightArt's classic drum fixture is available in over 10,000 3form material combinations. With so many options to choose from, it is equally at home in a sophisticated residence as it is in a shopping mall. 
Parametre Drum - The unique Parametre Drums complement the classy, contemporary atmosphere of this optical boutique.
Hydrangea Chandeliers - Sculpted centerpieces for this high-end hotel bar, designed in collaboration with Virserius Studio.
Cylinder Chandelier - This custom Cylinder Chandelier graces the entrance of a San Diego hospital. Starting with a paper prototype, we worked with the designer to create a unique lighting solution. The final product, made from a combination of HighRes Brown Alabaster Chroma and Mari Seamless Varia Ecoresin, juxtaposes intricate details in the material with clean, elegant geometry.
Elements Chandelier - Designed as the feature piece for a multistory lobby atrium, this 18' tall chandelier spirals upward, mimicking the appearance of whirling flames. The form grows in diameter as it moves towards the ceiling, releasing chips that swirl up and away. LightArt worked closely with specifier Bravier Design, visiting the site and sharing ideas throughout the design process.

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