Pearl Street Passage Participants Update


Attention all creative folks!

We would like to update you on a few of the improvements we have made since our Pearl Street Passage Information Session on February 24th.

First and foremost, the DesignPhiladelphia team has been working hard to enable all interested parties the opportunity to participate in this fun and collaborative installation. We are in communication with our insurance company and are fairly certain that we have found a solution that will not require individual team member to have their own separate insurance policies. This has not yet been finalized as we are waiting for a response from the insurance company. However, if you are still interested in being on a team and have not yet sent in the confirmation of interest form due to the insurance issue, we are asking you to take a small leap of faith with us and submit your confirmation anyway. We simply ask that you distinguish your insurance ability on the “confirmation of interest” form given the slim chance that we cannot find a solution. Please know, we are dedicated to eliminating that constraint.

Deadline Extended!

We have extended the confirmation of interest deadline to 5:00pm, Tuesday, March 24th to give you a bit more time to respond based on this new information. Please be sure you have completed the two step process below:

1. If you haven’t filled out the “expression of interest” form on the website; please do so now and include a brief statement of your work, links to any websites, and three photos. This information is very important, as it will be given to the curatorial committee and used to decide who will be on a team and who they will be paired with.

2. Download, sign, and return the “confirmation of interest” form. This is a PDF that should be sent directly to Laura Rennekamp at [email protected].

Note: both documents are needed to get you on a team!

As we enter the next phase of this project we would like to inform you that Laura Rennekamp will be stepping up to the role of Project Manager. Please contact her at [email protected] with any questions or comments. We are excited to move forward with this collaborative project and start creating fun, interactive public art!

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