Pearl Street Passage: Team Spotlight 5!

Pearl Street Passage Teams “When I Move You Move” and Team “Verge” are building installations that embody this year’s DesignPhiladelphia theme, SHIFT. Each team is working to create an immersive experience for Pearl Street Passage visitors that will change perceptions of design in Philadelphia. Meet the individuals who are making it happen...

Team “When I Move You Move”: Kelly Ennis, Founding Principal architect  at Ennis Nehez, Peter McBride, project manager at Ennis Nehez, Jeffrey A. Goettner,  fabricator and designer at Jeffrey Allan Designs, Alfred Borden,  Founding Principal at The Lighting Practice, and Lily Meier, and emerging architectural professional

Kelly Ennis and Peter McBride are representing the architecture and interior design firm, Ennis Nehez is an office hot on the trail of an emerging design aesthetic in Philadelphia; one that respects and acknowledges the city's fundamentally historic character while it generates contemporary spaces exciting to Philadelphia audiences, urban newcomers and city veterans alike. Their strength as individual designers and as a design team is an  emphasis on frank, fully-present and intimate communication in every project. Though their design process is a well-practiced dance from concept to construction, they meet each client and design challenge with a distinct and precise creative and professional response.


Jeffrey A. Goettner, is a designer from Jeffrey Allan Designs. He has been fabricating original pieces for 6 plus years. He started working with found objects, working them into practical pieces for the home or retail stores. He focuses on mixed medium blending wood with steel and stone. More recently he has found that his abilities are well suited to helping designers and architects realize their interesting and often unorthodox vision.


Alfred Borden, is the  Founding Principal at The Lighting Practice.  With a background in theater lighting for a variety of theater groups, dance troupes, and rock bands, Al has more than 30 years of experience in architectural lighting design.  He founded The Lighting Practice in 1989 to create a place where like-minded designers could work in a collaborative environment dedicated to design excellence and client service. The Lighting Practice delivers thoughtful and imaginative designs that balance aesthetics, budget, sustainability and operational considerations.


Lily Meier’s passion for design and architecture comes from her lifelong interest in making art, an appetite for adventure, and a desire to shape new buildings and spaces in which to live, work, eat, and play. She considers architecture a dialogue between people and place, history and future, architect and client. Meier’s role as a designer is to tell these stories through the synthesis of form, function, and material.


Team “Verge”: Jessica Brams-Miller, architectural designer from Francis Cauffman, James Crispino, President and Design Principal at Francis Cauffman, Joe Campbell, a Designer/Fabricator and Draftsman at Metal, Inc., and Alison Stigora, a site-specific installation artist

James Crispino and Jessica Brams-Miller are representing Francis Cauffman. Francis Cauffman is a source of new ideas for positive change. They are a pluralistic global practice that integrates knowledge of architecture, the arts, and human activities. They embrace complexity as the basis for contemporary, high-performance and innovative projects. They work consistently and communicate openly with our clients to realize their new futures.


Joe Campbell and his crew at Metal Inc. are builders however, they also focus on balancing and incorporating design, aesthetics, and art into projects. Their warehouse is located in Fishtown. Focusing almost exclusively on metal work, the shop has a full fabrication area, machine shop, and dedicated blacksmith area.


Alison Stigora is a site-specific artist specializing in sculpture, installation, and public art. Stigora creates multi-sensory experiences tailored for each site and audience, and has collaborated with architects, engineers, dancers, and lighting designers. Stigora transforms quotidian materials such as corrugated plastic, cardboard, and wood into engaging sculptures and textured spaces. She has also worked with glass, resin, metal, and allows location and concept to drive the choice of material. Stigora is currently working on a public commission for Fairmount Water Works, which includes a motion-activated sound component composed by the Blair Brothers. The William Penn Foundation is funding the project.


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