Pearl Street Passage: Team Spotlight (2)

We've announced the teams for DesignPhiladelphia's Pearl Street Passage and now's your chance to get to know them a little better! In the next several weeks we'll be profiling each team. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to teams 3 and 4!


Team 3: Jonathan Alderson, Provenance Architecturals, Jeanne Lombardo, and Margaret Williamson

Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects, Inc. is a design practice that is focused passionately on developing innovative approaches to shaping the land. As a firm, they believe that the use of native plantings and appropriate materials combined with a strong regard for site and ecology can lead to the creation of extraordinary and sustainable places. They are committed to design that, born from the site, sculpts open space into artful form.


Provenance Architecturals provides salvage & deconstruction, identifying materials worth salvaging and help clients to secure demolition bids; materials processing & installation, kiln drying and processing their reclaimed wood for installation; and design & build services, with in-house design consultation, build, and installation services for anything from a custom piece of furniture to entire rooms. They also have a retail/showroom location that is open to the public.


Jeanne Lombardo is a 3D mixed media artist / sculptor, passionate about exploring all facets of experimenting with new mediums. Since 2004, her creative journey has led her to engage with various materials, including fiber, wire, glass, mosaics, various adhesives, paper, and paint. Her passion is working with 3D objects to create a sensory experience using various textures to evoke a feeling of wonder and inspiration. Some of her recent works have been sold at Vix Emporium in West Philadelphia and she was recently involved with the WCA’s Rag Doll Project, an art installation made entirely of hand-sewn rag dolls currently being exhibited in Westbeth Gallery in New York City. 

Margaret Williamson is an urban gardener & graduate student in Sustainable Design at Philadelphia University.  She holds previous degrees in Conservation Biology and Hydrology and worked in South America for 2 years as an Environmental Volunteer with the U. S. Peace Corps.  Her passions include creating urban green spaces, designing ways to help mitigate stormwater runoff and good coffee.


Team 4: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, StudioRON, and Worldtown Sound System

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is noted for elegant and humane design, ranging from modest houses to large academic, civic, cultural, commercial and corporate buildings. Their principals and staff are deeply committed to active collaboration with their clients, emphasizing thorough research and analysis of each situation's particular human, technical and economic circumstances. The result is exceptional architecture that resonates within its place.


StudioRON consists of 3 creative fabricators: Jon Reisinger, Justin Bernard, and Eric Mayer. They do a variety of creative fabrication projects, and are excited to be working with Pearl Street Passage!


Worldtown SoundSystem is a live house music band that fuses musical elements from around the world. With members from Jamaica, Nigeria, Brazil, Alabama, Vermont and Philadelphia, it truly captures the essence of global culture through music. This new sound is coming soon to a stage near you, wherever you are in the world!



Get Involved!

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