Philadelphia Makers Entrepreneur Meet-Up on June 11


The Philadelphia Maker Entreprenuers - the "latest greatest maker-est meetup group for new entrepreneurs" - will be holding their second meetup on the evening of Wednesday, June 11 at Perch Pub (1345 Locust Street). The group aims to connect entrepreneurs who make and sell physical goods to the resources they need to grow their business. This second meeting and happy hour at Perch Pub will serve to help foster new connections, provide you with an opportunity to show of your wares informally, and give a space to talk about the challenges facing the Philadelphia Maker community. The organizer of the event is Alli Blum, founder of Hooley, a coloring company for grownups. Alli decided to start this Meetup after realizing that there wasn’t a community of maker entrepreneurs to rival the Philly tech community, which has been extraordinarily helpful for her. She hopes that this meetup will one day grow into an ecosystem of maker entrepreneurs in Philadelphia as vibrant as the Philly tech community—or that she’ll at least get to meet some other smart entrepreneurs.

What's a "Maker Entreprenuer"?

A maker entrepreneur is anyone who makes and sells physical objects. When we say “make,” we mean anything that has to do with the product development process. When we say “sell,” we mean any part of the business process. This includes: artists who fabricate and sell their work, designers who mass-produce and sell-their work, inventors who develop, test, and tweak a product before licensing it to someone else, and/or business-folk who work with a team of designers, artists, or manufacturers to turn an idea into a product and bring it to market.

Want to join the group?

Check out the groups FAQs here to see if it's a right fit for you. To attend the June 11th meetup, RSVP here.

Makers: Your Opinion Matters!

In addition to social programming, the Philadelphia Maker Entreprenuers group also wants to offer useful educational programming. Tell them the challenges you're facing and how they can help. Take a few moments to complete the #MakerBoss Needs Assessment Survey to tell them what you need.

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