Press Release: Gravy Studio & Gallery for the 2014 DesignPhiladelphia Festival

Gravy Studio has curated a show for DesignPhiladelphia titled Residuum, featuring work by Kelton Bumgarner and a collaborative project between Pam Farrell and Krista Svalbonas. Brought together by similar themes of destruction and residue, they have all taken a wide range of techniques to envision their final landscapes.  

Kelton Bumgarner uses a handmade medium format camera to photograph places where the histories of suffering have been all but forgotten as part of his bones bloom series.  The photos are developed and then destroyed by nature until the place itself becomes a physical part of the image.  The results are beautiful imagery which establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. 

Vestiges is collaborative project of Pam Farrell and Krista Svalbonas that explores ideas of memory, fragmentation and trace imagery. Svalbonas uses metallic industrial materials in her serigraphs of aerial views of urban environments, while Farrell scans old unexposed dry plate negatives which have been subjected to the ravages of time and unstable environments. The analog/digital hybrid reads as residues that reveal themselves through a grid of light boxes.  

DesignPhiladelphia Opening Reception: Saturday, October 11th 6-10pm Open Hours during DesignPhiladelphia: October 9-17th, 12-5 pm 
For more info please contact Gravy at [email protected] or call 267.825.7071 
Gravy Studio & Gallery is a collaborative photography workspace and gallery located near the Frankford Arts Corridor. Our goal is to serve as a multi-functional space that promotes the work of local photographers. Opening receptions are held on the First Friday of every month and additional open hours vary. 

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