Society of Design Conference for the 2015 DesignPhiladelphia Festival

September 11, 2015 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2015 Festival

THURSDAY 10/15 | 9AM-5PM
Harrison Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania | 3260 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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A one-day, multidisciplinary design event featuring leading creatives who shape culture around the world.

Eight speakers will take the stage in the Harrison Auditorium on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania to share compelling and thought-provoking case studies from a wide range of design disciplines. Three of the featured speakers are visiting from Europe which helps to make the day’s presentations even more of a unique opportunity.

Nick Asbury (England) has been described by Creative Review magazine as ‘the designer’s writer,’ Annie Atkins (Ireland) has designed graphics for two Oscar-nominated films, the animated feature The Boxtrolls and Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel (Academy Award for Best Production Design), and Oskar Zieta’s (Poland) efforts in industrial design are permanently exhibited, among others, in Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The featured speakers from the U.S. include internationally-awarded architect Craig Dykers from Snøhetta, interaction and media designer John Ryan from Local Projects, lettering superstars Spencer Charles and Kelly Thorn, and multi-talented Alisa Wolfson, Head of Design at Leo Burnett, Chicago. A lineup to rival any of the world’s best design conferences. This is the can’t-miss design event of the year in Philadelphia.

We asked Craig Welsh of the design firm Go Welsh to tell us about The Society of Design Conference and he summed it all up with one exclamation… “It’s solid all around but the architectural aspects are particularly amazing!”

After talking more with Craig we are convinced that indeed, The Society of Design Conference is going to rock.

So what’s so cool about this conference?

There are several direct connections to Philadelphia and the wider architecture industry. Architect Craig Dykers’ firm, Snøhetta, is helping to enrich Philadelphia’s architecture with its active work on the new Temple University library and John Ryan’s firm, Local Projects, collaborated with Ennead Architects on the media design elements of the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

Add to the lineup Polish industrial designer Oskar Zieta as one of Fast Company magazine’s top international furniture designers and building materials designers and jaws will be dropping as he shares his inflatable metal FiDU technology.

Additionally, letterer Kelly Thorn is a graduate of Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

Go Welsh has produced 30 design events featuring top-level creatives.

For the past 5+ years Go Welsh has produced over 30 design events that have brought together people of all ages and disciplines to experience design. Go Welsh brings in a wide range of design-minded speakers. Prestige and experience aside, Go Welsh values speakers who are truly motivated and energized by what they’re working on. 

Craig Welsh is “100 percent confident that anyone who goes to the Society of Design Conference is going to leave SO PUMPED” - we are too.

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