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SAT JUNE 21 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Lost Sites & Sounds of Early Philadelphia Music is a two-hour walking tour that features sites and stories of many important locations in eighteenth and early nineteenth century Philadelphia music. Included are the sites of America’s first permanent theater building, first opera performance, and first “mega-concert,” as well as the site of Philadelphia’s first public concert and locations of its early concert halls and homes of its prominent musicians.

Philadelphia was slow to develop musically in its earliest years due to the prevailing influence of its founding Quakers, who were a decidedly unmusical people. The city was home to many other religious and ethnic groups for whom music was important, however, and as the Quaker influence diminished over time a lively musical culture took shape in the city. By the late eighteenth century Philadelphia was the musical capital of America, a position it would hold into the early nineteenth century.


Tour leader Jack McCarthy is a longtime Philadelphia archivist and historian who has held leadership positions at several area historical organizations. Jack has a master’s degree in music history and has been involved in several Philadelphia music history projects. He writes on Philadelphia music history for the Hidden City Daily.

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SAT JUNE 28 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

So you think you know Philadelphia? Not compared to the guy Hidden City calls The Shadow, aka Grojlart, the foul-mouthed blogger who writes Philaphilia. Join him for a tour of Broad Street between Lombard and Vine (with a few detours). Groj will not only tell you quirky details about the architectural gems, but also give you the scoop on the vacant lots, the failed plans, even the parking garages along Philly’s main thoroughfare.

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Photos Compliments of Hidden City Daily.

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