Call For Volunteers: Architecture in Education

July 27, 2018 | Center News, Explore + Learn

Seeking: Philadelphia-based K-12 teachers + volunteer architects and architecture students

The beloved Architecture in Education programs returns to Philadelphia schools this fall! The program, which pairs a K-12 classroom teacher with two to three volunteer architects and architecture students, introduces children to the fields of architecture, urban planning, and design once a week for 4-8 weeks. We are seeking both teachers interested in bringing this program into their classroom and architects and architecture students interested in volunteering once a week for 4-8 weeks in a Philadelphia school. We believe every student should have access to design education and that a diverse design community is more responsive and accountable to the people it designs for. This program seeks to support both of those goals.

If you are an architect or architecture student interested in volunteering in a classroom, please fill out our Volunteer Form and select the "K-12 Education" option

If you are a teacher interested in bringing this program to your classroom, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your school name
  • Your classroom grade level
  • Contact information for both you and your school principal

A two-hour training session for interested teachers and volunteers will be held at the Center for Architecture and Design on the morning of Tuesday, August 21, 2018. Details will be sent to all who sign up via the methods listed above.

The program was reimagined and redesigned over the past two years to fit modern classrooms and educational standards through a generous $50,000 in-kind grant from PlusUs, a Philadelphia-based educational design consultancy. To simplify implementation of the program, Plus-Us designed a series of four one-hour lessons which build upon one another to help children understand the design process. An optional final project can last from one to four weeks and allows students to design a solution for something that affects their own lives, either in their school, at home, or in their community.

To support these lessons, PlusUs designed a Student Architecture Notebook, which each student receives along with a kit of parts, and a Teacher's Edition which explains how to prepare for the lessons. The new lessons were mapped to Common Core Standards, including Next Generation Science Standards and Literacy Standards, to ensure that this program can help teachers fulfill their mandated curriculum requirements.

For teachers who prefer a more customized educational experience for their students, our classic 200-page classroom reference book, Architecture in Education: A Resource of Imaginative Ideas and Tested Activities, is still available as a spiral-bound book ($50 now only $20) or as a PDF download ($30 now FREE!). This book, originally published in 1986 and revised and updated in 2009, contains the collected wisdom of generations of K-12 educators and remains the definitive guide for integrating architecture into the classroom. It has served as the basis for the majority of K-12 architecture programs around the country and many around the world. Using the hundreds of STEAM lessons and activities featured in the book, teachers can - independantly or in collaboration with an architect - build a customized curriculum to fit their pedagogical goals. Each activity is mapped to the subject matters it relates to, from science and math to social studies, language, and art.

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