Constructing Play

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July 14, 2016 | Constructing Play
The Center is seeking volunteers to teach children workshops during our annual Constructing Play exhibition. Workshops are broken down by age categories: Read + Build for ages 5-8; Design + Construct for ages 9-12. Topics flexible, guidance provided as requested. A fun opportunity to get kids excited about architecture and design! If interested, contact Associate Director David Bender .more
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December 23, 2014 | Constructing Play, Center News, Lectures + Talks
Head to the Center for Architecture on the evening of January 6, 2015, from 6-8pm for a presentation, panel discussion, and booksigning celebrating The Science of Play . Explore the role of design in constructing urban environments for play and creating quality spaces for children and communities. Building on the Community Design Collaborative's work within schoolyards, parks, and open spaces, help us discover how designers, educators, and parents can join forces to create enriching play spaces, build strong communities, and allow children to thrive and grow in the urban environment. Susan G. Solomon + The Science of Play Author Susan G. Solomon will give a short presentation on her new book, The Science of Play: How to Build Playgrounds that Enhance Children's Development which demonstrates how to alter the status quo by allying data with design of American playgrounds. Recent information from the behavioral sciences indicates that kids need to take risks; experience failure but also have a chance to succeed and master difficult tasks; learn to plan and solve problems; exercise self-control; and develop friendships. Solomon illustrates how architects and landscape architects (most of whom work in Europe and Japan) have already addressed these needs with strong, successful playground...more