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Foster with lead sponsors

Lord Foster with the event's lead sponsors; Brian Roberts and Karen Bucholz of Comcast and John Gattuso of Liberty Property Trust.

June 23, 2015 | Kahn Memorial Lecture, Center News, Lectures + Talks
Dear Friends and Colleagues: Although a joyous family occasion prevented me from attending the 30th Louis I. Kahn Memorial Lecture on June 9, I am happy to report that the evening was a smashing success! I have heard from many colleagues that Lord Norman Foster was engaging, thoughtful, and inspirational describing his work and his passions to a sold-out auditorium. The event brought together the development and design community in a unique evening celebrating the work of a talented architect and his team, along with the visionary leadership of Brian Roberts of Comcast , and John Gattuso of Liberty Property Trust . Their efforts to bring the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center to fruition will have a lasting impact on the City of Philadelphia and for that we are all grateful. As president of the Center for Architecture Board and past president of AIA Philadelphia, I am heartened by the support and enthusiasm of my professional community, friends, peers, colleagues, and mentors in supporting the Kahn Lecture this year. A special thank you goes out to Bill McDowell , Chair of the Kahn Lecture Committee, for his tireless efforts in making the event a reality. Designing Our Skyline , an...more
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February 18, 2015 | Center News, Lectures + Talks
Ever wonder how Philadelphia became the city it is today? The Center for Architecture's engaging 10-part lecture series, Building Philadelphia , investigates the social, political, economic, and design trends that contributed to Philadelphia's development. Each talk is led by renowned local architects, urban planners, archaeologists, and historians; and cover topics including major urban planning projects, like the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Society Hill, Philadelphia's impressive palette of architectural styles, and the city's immigrant history.more
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December 23, 2014 | Constructing Play, Center News, Lectures + Talks
Head to the Center for Architecture on the evening of January 6, 2015, from 6-8pm for a presentation, panel discussion, and booksigning celebrating The Science of Play . Explore the role of design in constructing urban environments for play and creating quality spaces for children and communities. Building on the Community Design Collaborative's work within schoolyards, parks, and open spaces, help us discover how designers, educators, and parents can join forces to create enriching play spaces, build strong communities, and allow children to thrive and grow in the urban environment. Susan G. Solomon + The Science of Play Author Susan G. Solomon will give a short presentation on her new book, The Science of Play: How to Build Playgrounds that Enhance Children's Development which demonstrates how to alter the status quo by allying data with design of American playgrounds. Recent information from the behavioral sciences indicates that kids need to take risks; experience failure but also have a chance to succeed and master difficult tasks; learn to plan and solve problems; exercise self-control; and develop friendships. Solomon illustrates how architects and landscape architects (most of whom work in Europe and Japan) have already addressed these needs with strong, successful playground...more
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December 11, 2014 | Center News, Lectures + Talks
Judith Rodin, PhD | President, The Rockefeller Foundation The Ed Bacon Memorial Committee selected Judith Rodin , President of The Rockefeller Foundation , as the 2015 Bacon Prize honoree. About Rodin Judith Rodin is president of The Rockefeller Foundation, one of the world's leading philanthropic organizations. She was previously president of the University of Pennsylvania, and provost of Yale University. Since joining the Foundation in 2005, Dr. Rodin has recalibrated its focus to meet the challenges of the 21st century and today the Foundation supports and shapes innovations to expand opportunity worldwide and build greater resilience by helping people, communities and institutions prepare for, withstand and emerge stronger from acute shocks and chronic stresses. The Foundation accomplishes these goals through work that advances health, revalues ecosystems, secures livelihoods and transforms cities. A widely recognized international leader in academia, science and development issues, Dr. Rodin has actively participated in influential global forums, including the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton Global Initiative and the United Nations General Assembly. Dr. Rodin is also a member of the African Development Bank's High Level Panel, a Board member of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (co-created by The Rockefeller...more
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July 24, 2014 | DesignPhiladelphia, Lectures + Talks, From our Friends, Explore + Learn
Visit the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education this Saturday for the unveiling of the completed LandLab installation. LandLab is a new artist residency program launched this Spring. The program - a joint project of the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and the Center for Emerging Visual Artists - operates to connect artist creation with ecological restoration and education. The result of LandLab will be an innovative, art-based installations that prevent or remediate environmental damage while raising public awareness about our local ecology.more