Center for Architecture and Design Expands K-12 Education

July 30, 2020 | Center News
Over the past three years, the Center for Architecture and Design has shifted its programming priorities in order to expand our K-12 educational program offerings.  As part of our Strategic Plan, we asserted: We believe every student deserves access to design education.  And we've been working hard to live up to our beliefs.  We expanded our in-class Architecture in Education program, we offered more Saturday Family workshops on all types of design, and we strengthened our partnerships with other student-focused organizations to incorporate design education to as many young people as possible. In both 2018 and 2019, we served over 1,000 kids.  
In 2020, the inability to gather together presented a challenge -- how are we going to get our content and our terrific volunteer architects and designers in front of students?? We knew we had to create virtual content and adapt our Architecture in Education curriculum to allow students to follow along by themselves or with family members.  We partnered with over 40 organizations and delivered material kits, workbooks and corresponding instructional videos to over 1,700 students this summer.
And now, we are providing this information available to everyone to use and share. You'll have to download our Summer curriculum here, and you'll have to find your own materials -- we suggest: cardboard, paper towel or toilet tissue rolls, dry pasta, small marshmallows, paper, and anything to draw with. Also, go for a walk and scavenge your local park for sticks and leaves to really make your architectural models come to life!
Once you collect your materials, check out our 5 instructional videos (in English and in Spanish) and have some fun together at home!  My favorite is "Architecture Yoga" -- learn some key architectural vocabulary while stretching your body into architectural shapes!
Thank you to volunteer architects, Michael Spain, Denise Thompson, Elizabeth Class-Maldonado, and Carlos Mattei -Ramos for their excellent instruction and time donated towards this important project.
We always need volunteers and donations to support this program. You can sign up to volunteer for future virtual opportunities here.  And you can make a donation (monthly or one-time) here.

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