CHAD Community: Attend School Reform Commission Meeting on June 21st

June 19, 2018 | From our Friends

Dear CHADvocate, I am writing to inform you regarding CHAD (The Charter High School for Architecture + Design) and its Charter status.  Earlier this year, CHAD applied for renewal of its Charter. After review, the Charter School Office of the School District of Philadelphia is recommending that CHAD’s Charter not be renewed. The Charter office is making their evaluation based on a recently formulated statistical rubric.

We believe this rubric does not tell CHAD’s full story since its existence in 1999.

The Charter Office’s recommendation is an initial step in a long process. CHAD has an opportunity to make its case for reversing or delaying this recommendation at an upcoming School Reform Commission meeting on Thursday, June 21st at 4:30pm.  If necessary, CHAD is also preparing to fight this recommendation in the courts, which could take a number of years. By law, CHAD is allowed to continue operations and educating its students as usual during the entire time this process is ongoing.

CHAD has taken necessary steps to get back on track. Yesterday, CHAD’s Board of Trustees voted to change leadership. The new interim CEO, Jacqueline Barnett will be guiding CHAD’s mission and ensuring our school is not only in good hands but is aiming in the principled direction for our students.

As a member of the CHAD Community, we want to assure you the CHAD Board of Trustees is taking necessary strategic actions to ensure we get back to the table to negotiate CHAD’s charter status with the School District.

We are proud of our school! We firmly believe CHAD is worth fighting for and we will defend its existence and future vigorously. As we near the end of the current school year, we anticipate our next cohort of students that are eagerly looking forward to attending CHAD when we open our doors in the Fall.

We invite you to join us as we take a stand for CHAD. In the coming days, we will provide more information on ways you can lend your voice. CHADvocate your input has always been at the forefront of every decision made here at CHAD. Thus, I invite you to contact me personally via email at, [email protected] or by phone, 215-888-9921 for any comments or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your continued, steadfast and valuable support of CHAD.

Marguerite Anglin, AIA NOMA, LEED AP
Board President
Charter High School for Architecture + Design


A few reasons why you choose CHAD…

  • CHAD is the first charter high school for Architecture and Design in the country, formed in 1999 by the Philadelphia chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
  • CHAD’s mission is to engage and educate Philadelphia students through the power of design thinking. Design “majors” at CHAD include architecture, graphic, industrial, and fashion design.
  • CHAD was originally founded on two principles- to provide a safe, academically sound, and stimulating high school for urban students; and given the very low percentage of licensed African American architects in the United States, to prepare African American students especially, for collegiate study and training in the fields of architecture and design.
  • CHAD has a graduation rate of 90% whereas the state average is 86%. CHAD graduates are recruited by and attend some of the top design colleges and schools in the country, including California College of the Arts, Pratt University, University of the Arts, Jefferson, Penn State and Temple University to name a few.
  • CHAD is a specialized school navigating the challenges of an open enrollment lottery. 
  • CHAD serves nearly 600 students representing over 80% of all city zip codes, operates its own building in Philadelphia’s historic district, and employs over 50 full-time teachers and staff while facing a volatile financial climate with a history of funding reductions.

CHAD has engaged in a strategic reset to significantly strengthen its governance and leadership, and is making changes to cure prior organizational, academic and financial issues.

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