Coexist + Americhanvre Exhibits the Hemp House on Wheels to DesignPhiladelphia


Welcome to the Hemp House on Wheels! You are standing in a structure that features hempcrete, or hemplime. Hempcrete is a non-structural, bio-composite insulation material that is cast in place around traditional wood framing. It is comprised of hemp hurds (the woody inner core of the hemp stalk), lime-based binder, and water. These simple materials come together to form a product that is mold, mildew, rot, pest and fire resistant. Hempcrete is typically finished, as it has been here, with a three coat, traditional lime based plaster system on the inside and out. This finish allows the hempcrete to "breathe", passing water vapor freely through the wall system as the lime interacts with differing humidity levels. It is due to this action that hempcrete is able to regulate humidity in a built environment, and why it is touted as a dynamic thermal and acoustic insulation. This system replaces the siding, house wrap, plywood sheathing, insulation and drywall in traditional American home construction. 

The Hemp House on Wheels was designed and built by two companies out of eastern Pennsylvania, Coexist Build in Blandon, PA and Americhanvre out of Allentown, PA. Coexist Build is a cutting edge architecture practice with ten plus years of commercial and residential experience focused on developing and using regenerative materials to create healthy and toxic free environments. Americhanvre is a professional hempcrete installation firm that also produces a line of cast hemp objects for everyday use, such as planter boxes and building blocks. Americhanvre and Coexist Build have formed a joint venture in order to offer full design/build services in hempcrete construction, and the Hemp House on Wheels is their debut project.

Lead architect and designer at Coexist Build, Anastasiya Konopitskaya, designed the structure you are standing in as a way to showcase the material and its incorporation into modern design. It is hempcrete's compatibility with other materials and its versatility and performance that set it apart from other well known sustainable building methods. 

Our floor has been sealed with Hempsheild, a hemp-oil based natural sealer for wood floors and decking. Above you, you will find an acoustic tile, designed by Ana and Drew of Coexist, comprised of hemp hurds and mushroom mycelium produced by Ecovative out of Green Island, NY. Lime binder, lime plaster and installation support were provided by DeGreuchy's LimeWorks out of Telford, PA. 

Check out Coexist and Americhanvre at the Cherry Street Pier during DesignPhiladelphia!
Hemp Grounds: The Wonder Plant

October 3 - 13
11 AM - 8 PM

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