Cohere Partners with DesignPhiladelphia

September 6, 2018 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2018 Festival

To design purpose; create the world you want to see

When Center / Architecture + Design approached us to partner with them as the branding partner for the 2018 DesignPhiladelphia Festival we were all ears. Of course the fact that it’s being headquartered at BOK was a fun new draw, but there are many layers to why we said yes.

  • Their Executive Director Rebecca Johnson has been on our radar since she was announced in 2014. We align with her background in real estate and her ethos that the built-environment can improve the lives of Philadelphians

  • The folks at Center / Architecture + DesignAIA and DesignPhiladelphia were up for the challenge to do something different this year and highlight purpose-driven design projects that are changing the landscape of Philadelphia

  • While this week is typically most popular with professionals in design, interiors and architecture, Cohere wanted to open it up to other industries that are using design thinking as a way to innovate in their industries like medicine, urban planning, science and technology

This year’s theme

So together we decided to center the theme for the week around a call to action.

Philadelphia’s creative community work on functional projects that protect the environment, improve health and wellness, reform education, and empower communities. The branding for this year’s festival is designed to give voice to that ambition and inspire one another to take action, applying our skills and passions to any possible place we can design the world we want to see. If you’re interested in how Cohere came up with more of the branded elements, see our blog with a deeper look into the purpose-driven design theme.

What to expect

This year you’ll explore BOK, a repurposed high school building that’s getting National attention for what Philly does best; create opportunity. We’ll connect on projects and installations intended to inspire our design community, highlighting purposeful projects changing the landscape of our city and our lives.

Thank you Center / Architecture + Design for the opportunity to exercise our voice in such an important tradition, and for shining a light on Philadelphia’s creative class.


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