Collaboration and Communication – AGI’s Architectural Glass Boot Camp

October 1, 2018 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2018 Festival

Architectural Glass Boot Camp is an interactive program developed to reinforce the importance of collaboration and communication in design.  Boot Camp provides an opportunity for design professionals to interface with glaziers and enhances the educational experience by providing a forum for the exchange of information about complex construction issues.

The Architectural Glass Boot Camp Storefront Workshop is pure hands-on fabricating.  Attendees will work in pairs to fabricate a storefront section then work as a team to assembling into a 4’ x 8’ center set, flushed glazed project with guidance from professional glaziers.  This immersive program transcends architect to builder through the fabrication process including screw spline assemblies and water management components such as flashing and end dams.  Though interactive discussion, best practices related to sill preparation, perimeter sealant application and water deflector installation are discussed.

Throughout the Workshop comparisons will be made between storefront and curtainwall systems.   Design considerations impacted by performance characteristics of each will be discussed and demonstrated. Course participants will be able to select between storefront and curtain wall systems for commercial applications as they relate to occupant safety, environmental factors, system performance attributes, system limitations and proper product installation.

Check out AGI Exhibition's during DesignPhiladelphia festival at BOK in the Girl's Gym.

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