Felt+Fat // Glaze Lab 2020

October 2, 2019 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2019 Festival


Felt+Fat’s handmade tableware always seeks to be unique, but consistent. Because of this, it may come as a surprise to some of our customers that we pride ourselves on our experimental spirit behind the scenes.  Because of our collaborations with chefs around the world, we are often developing and testing new forms and surfaces in order to provide these chefs and their restaurants’ patrons with an innovative tableware experience that lives up to our standards of quality.



Last year we introduced Glaze Lab, a ceramic subscription service that allowed us to share this experimental spirit with our retail customers.  The response was overwhelming and we had an incredible time pouring through our recipes and re-inventing molds in order to produce exclusive wares with uncommon qualities for our subscribers.  This experimental ceramic subscription service started out as, well, an experiment for us as a business.  In preparation for 2020, we are re-opening the subscription for Glaze Lab towards the end of September, and have spent the past several months developing new ideas and processes in order to produce wares that we believe will surprise and entertain our customers.



While we love the wares our production team crafts every day in our Philadelphia studio, we’re excited to share even more of what we believe we can bring to the field of ceramic tableware through Glaze Lab.

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Saturday, October 5 | Various Times
Felt+Fat Studio

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Sunday, October 13 | Various Times
Felt+Fat Studio

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