First Philly A+DEN Meeting Set for August 4

July 6, 2016 |

AIA Philadelphia (the “Chapter”) and The Center for Architecture and Design (the “Center) have set the date for the first Architecture and Design Education Network.  (Philly A+DEN) meeting at 6:00 PM on August 4 at the Center for Architecture and Design. Philly A+DEN hopes to be a coalition that brings educators, designers, social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations together to discuss how to create impactful architecture and design programming for children (K-12). 

Why are AIA Philadelphia and the Center for Architecture and Design doing this?  For over 30 years, AIA Philadelphia and the Foundation for Architecture (the Center’s predecessor) had a joint-program called Architecture in Education that paired practicing architects, architecture students, and K-12 teachers for an 8 week in-classroom series. Many of AIA Philadelphia’s current members remember this program fondly and would like to bring it back in some form. 

The leadership of both the Chapter and the Center are committed to engaging as many children in architecture and design education as possible by partnering and supporting the organizations and educators already doing this tremendous work, as well as bringing back Architecture in Education in some form as a Center for Architecture and Design program.  

Some possible ways that AIA Philadelphia and the Center for Architecture and Design could support this mission:

  • Supporting quarterly events and programming at the Center for Architecture and Design focused on exposing youth of all ages to the fields of architecture and design.
  • Working with local educators and teachers to innovate ways to insert architecture and design into existing curriculum.
  • Reinvigorate the Architecture in Education Program, which teamed local professionals and college students to do workshops in the classroom.
  • Create a referral network for students, parents, and educators to find architecture and design resources within the city (afterschool programs, exhibits, summer camps, etc…)
  • Offer digital resources through our website with examples of STEAM activities that can be done at home or in a classroom.

Anyone interested in being a part of this exciting endeavor is welcome to join us on Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM.

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