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Save the Date | Nov. 2, 2021 Louis I. Kahn Award + Talk
October 6, 2021 | 6-9 PM DesignPhiladelphia KickOff Party
The Center reopens September 10, 2021
October 7-17, 2021 DesignPhiladelphia Festival
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Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake in Cellophane House™, Museum of Modern Art, 2008. Photo © Peter Aaron/OTTO.

By Rebecca Johnson on Sep 22, 2021
TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE. The founding principals of KieranTimberlake, Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake, designers behind the widely acclaimed U.S. Embassy in London, the transformation of Dilworth Park, the master plan for Central Delaware, and hundreds of other projects worldwide, will be honored by the Center for Architecture and Design with the 35 th Louis I. Kahn Award. The ceremony, which will include a presentation by the architects, will be held at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Anthropology and Archeology at TKTK pm on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The annual Louis I. Kahn Award, founded in 1983, is Philadelphia's... more
Join Our Team! Accepting Applications for Architecture and Design Education Program Coordinator
By Elizabeth Paul on Aug 29, 2021
The Center for Architecture and Design is seeking a Program Coordinator for the Architecture and Design Education Program (ADE). The Center for Architecture and Design is a charitable foundation that focuses on engaging, educating, and exciting the public about the built environment and design and its impact on all of us. The Center has prioritized K-12 design engaging thousands of Philadelphia school children through its in-class, out-of-class, and individual workshops. The Center believes and has set an organizational goal that all students in Philadelphia have access to design education and this position is critical in striving to accomplish that goal... more
By Tiffany Mercer-Robbins on Aug 11, 2021
As fall approaches, Michael Spain, the Center’s director of architecture and design education, prepares partner schools and volunteer design educators to launch the Center’s Architecture and Design Education in-class instruction program. All that planning comes on the heels of a busy spring and summer activating partnerships, spreading the word about the ADE program, and expanding the Center’s mission to provide every student access to design education. In the spring, Michael teamed up with Laura Casaccio of Cicada to provide a 5-day design challenge for The Crefeld School’s high school students. The challenge addressed the issue of neighborhood and community with... more