I Want To Know...

I Want To Know...

Have you ever wondered about the history of a particular building in your neighborhood? Why your local park was named after someone you've never heard of? Who decided to build steam vents and other hidden infrastructure under our sidewalks?

Ask AEC questions, discover expert answers. What do YOU want to know?! [AEC = Architecture, Engineering, + Construction]



The Center's I Want To Know... series is a new citizen-led journalism experiment about the places, spaces, and infrastructure that make up the region we call home. Our mission is to include the public in editorial decision-making, make journalism more transparent, and strengthen coverage about greater Philadelphia's designed and built environment.

All I Want To Know... stories originate with questions submitted by the public. Center staff, in partnership with leaders from other local educational and media organizations, regularly sift through these questions and work with reporters, historians, and AEC professionals to find the best answers. We place questions into voting rounds, so the public can make the final decision about what we investigate!

There are lots of ways to contribute to our stories beyond asking questions. Curious citizens who submit questions can also help us track down answers. Some might help conduct interviews, others might supply important photos or documents, and others might even appear in our stories! Comments, leads, and insights from curious people just like you make all the difference in this series.