Inspiration and Ideas

Wow! Can’t believe it’s almost been a month since our roadshow, touring some of the popular neighborhoods in DesignPhiladelphia’s history.

It was great to come out and meet folks new to DesignPhiladelphia, festival veterans and advocates. We went into this as a total experiment...Yes, to share information about the festival and how to get involved with DesignPhiladelphia. But it became more than that, it became a platform to share ideas—how can we spread the word of design and inspire its importance in our everyday life. It also became a space for our team to share our vision and hopes for the festival. As a DesignPhiladelphia partner we want you to think about, and challenge you, how we inform and educate others about the importance of the design industry and its professionals. How do we help people appreciate the experience that comes out of good design? How do we create events and programming that not only celebrates our designers and the things we do, but also how others can participate and demand design that will make our life better, as a community, and as a city.

Maybe you’ve hosted an event before, maybe you haven’t, but you know you want to scream from the mountain tops (or the high rises and skyscrapers) that design is alive and well in Philadelphia. This year may be the time to carve out space to share your story or the stories of others.

Maybe you’re retail business that values design, create a design display in your window, storefront or an interior space. Or maybe it’s a larger installation to experience at our FestivalHub at Cherry Street Pier, or a showcase of a process at the Center for Architecture and Design. What about a talk, or a workshop that shows what’s behind a great font or pin? Or maybe you just want to meet and talk to some of our talented designers that call Philadelphia home.

Help spread the word about this exciting 10-day festival, there’s still time to register as an event. Be on the lookout for installation and programming inspiration on our social. If you have any questions of how to get plugged into this great community reach out to DesignPhiladelphia’s program manager Erike by email, phone, or on our social. We’ll be here to answer!

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