New Inside World: Light and Form for DesignPhilly 2016

September 30, 2016 | DesignPhiladelphia, 2016 Festival

New Inside World: Light and Form
Thursday October 6th 6:00PM - 9:00PM (opening reception)
Friday, October 7th: 6:00PM – 9:00PM (First Friday)
Sunday October 9th: 2:00PM - 6:00PM
Thursday October 13th - October 15th: 2:00PM - 6:00PM
Arch Street Meeting House | 320 Arch Street, Philadelphia
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This Thursday Minima, Klip Collective, and Old City District will unveil a new exhibition which explores how the cutting edge of interior design reflects, informs, and transforms our concept of the future and our lifestyle. We sat down with the organizers at Minima to get some background.

Q: Minima is presenting an exhibition this year in a special, off-site location. Where exactly is this taking place?
A: The site is the Arch Street Meeting House, which is designated as a National Historic Landmark and is full of history. The land was provided by William Penn himself in 1701, and the building was erected in 1804. There is a special feeling inside a building that’s 200+ years old, so its playing a major role in the exhibition.

Q: The title is New Inside World: Light and Form. What does that mean?
Inside world refers to interior spaces, which we believe are worlds of their own. This year we wanted to explore how interior design reflects, informs, and transforms our lifestyle. Certainly there are many types of interior spaces, but specifically this year we are focusing on DesignPhiladelphia’s theme of Home.  There is no place where designed objects impact our lives greater, than in the home. Light and form refers to our perception of the inside world through sight and touch.

Q: What sorts of things will we be able to perceive at the exhibit?
There will be many wonderful things to experience there from the realms of furniture, lighting, home accessories, and art. For example, we are showing a series of rugs that are essentially produced using a one-of-kind, giant, bubble jet printer. White rugs are fed into this amazing machine, and what comes out the other end can be basically anything you want. That gives you a little taste. There will be a lot to see, and many things are so new they sort of defy categorization.

Q: Defy categorization? Details please!
We are incredibly excited to be partnering up with local digital experiential art shop Klip Collective. They are showing a new projection chandelier that is like no other chandelier to date. Rather than a light-producing fixture, its more of a light-sculpting fixture. It provides the viewer with a unique visual experience that’s sort of hard to put into words. You should visit the exhibition and see for yourself.

Q: We will! What else will we see there?
An all-female design studio from Italy called UN Pizzo will be demonstrating their craft live on site, and will produce two limited edition pieces for Italian design house Living Divani in the process. They employ traditional lace-making techniques, but blow up the scale and use rope to create incredible “woven” surfaces. You can get a preview of their technique at the exhibition website:

Q: Italy has come up a few times. What is the connection?
Yes, Minima has strong ties to Italy. We go there at least once or twice a year. It is hard to think of another country that has a stronger influence in the world of design. We work closely with several amazing, family-run, design-driven manufacturing companies out of Italy. One of those is Living Divani, which I mentioned earlier, and another is Porro, which will have an exhibition within our exhibition, featuring a series of jewelry boxes designed by renowned Italian and international designers. Some of those names are the biggest in today’s contemporary design scene.

Q: There seems to be a little something for everyone.
Yes! That’s the idea. Our aim is to dazzle the design enthusiast, while at the same time educating and entertaining someone with less of a background in design. Everyone who visits should have a lot to take away from the experience.        

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