Organizations with deep community roots on mission to strengthen Philadelphia

August 8, 2018 | From our Friends, Explore + Learn

Learn about the new Sacred Places/Civic Spaces initiative from our colleagues at the Community Design Collaborative, office mates of ours here at the Center for Architecture and Design. We're very proud of the important work they're doing to strengthen Philadelphia neighborhoods!

What a difference a good conversation can make. Sometimes all you need is the right prompt.

It was an inspired prompt from Cara Ferrentino at the William Penn Foundation that led to the conversation between Partners for Sacred Places and the Community Design Collaborative. That’s the chat that led, in turn, to Infill Philadelphia 2018: Sacred Places/Civic Spaces.

As with many good conversations, it wasn’t the first between the two groups; Partners and the Collaborative already had a solid track record of collaboration and complementarity. It was that track record that simply invited the natural next step of their work together.

Most older neighborhoods in a historic cities have, say, a library or school. But as you wander Philly neighborhoods, you’ll also find an abundance of sacred buildings. Often beautiful, centrally located, and designed for communal use, many of those beautiful walls nonetheless housed empty space that was underfunded, underutilized, and in need of repair.

Meanwhile, beyond those sacred walls, neighborhoods have been changing.... (read the rest at

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