DesignPhiladelphia Participates in 'Outside the Box'

December 21, 2017 | DesignPhiladelphia

We're so excited to be a part of 'Outside the Box', an exhibition that builds a map of design in North America!

This seventh edition of 'Outside the Box' features responses on the theme "matter." This theme encompasses material transformation and change, and the essence of the material. It looks at how materials are created, reused, or recycled. Curated by Center / Architecture + Design's Board Member, Erike De Veyra, Philadelphia's 'Outside the Box' houses: 


Philly Eyeworks |

Philly EyeWorks designs its frames in Philly, colors, sandblasts and finishes its frames in Philly, hires local and pays living wages to its employees. Customers can expect slight variances in the colors because each frame is colored individually, by hand, making each pair of Philly EyeWorks a one-of-a-kind work of art.

West Oak Design |

West Oak Design offers small batch and one of a kind goods for women and home. Each piece is sustainably handcrafted by Christie Sommers in Wyndmoor, PA. In attempt to lessen environmental impact, a low to no waste approach is taken to all designs. Material remaining after the construction of one item will inform the design of another. Meticulously sewn clothing, bags, and housewares blend seamlessly in the West Oak Design aesthetic.


Pluma Avis Domus |

PLUMA BIRD HOUSES are made of a variety of recycled, upcycled woods and will age outdoors like any wood will. The beauty of using a variety of woods is that they mimick tree textures more and more as they turn into lt browns, grays or the colored pieces get weathered like a barn would and attract birds. At least 5 sides are made of recycled or upcycled wood or plywood but always the front. Although the exteriors are oversized the inside cavities are to spec as described Wrens up to Chickadees, Nuthatch and Downy Woodpecker sized birds and if marked Eastern Bluebird then Bluebird down to Wrens.

Senpai + Kohai |

A Philadelphia based clothing brand that is globally influenced, created for the free spirited woman who approaches dressing as an art. Senpai+Kohai strives to create value that is desired for a lifetime by focusing on textiles, fit, and quality to compliment the modern woman.


Photo Credit: Erike  De Veyra

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