About Edmund N. Bacon

About Edmund N. Bacon

Director of Philadelphia's City Planning Commission from 1949-1970, Ed Bacon is the only city planner ever to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. His vision for the future of Philadelphia has strongly influenced the current form of Center City including the preservation of colonial Old City, the creation of our modern business district, Penn Center, and the development of Philadelphia's most popular tourist destination, Independence Mall. Bacon's strong vision for Philadelphia was backed by an even stronger will, which led to much backlash from those who disagreed with his vision, but simultaneously allowed him to navigate and operate the levers of power to accomplish his goals. 

Bacon's Writing

  • Design of Cities. By Edmund Bacon (Viking Press, 1967; Revised — Viking Press, 1974; Paperback — Penguin Books, 1976) 
  • Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction. By Jonathan Saidel, with Introduction by Edmund N. Bacon (Saint Joseph's University Press, 1999)
  • Chapter in American civilization, edited by Daniel J. Boorstin, Thames & Hudson, 1972.

Books About Bacon

  • The American City: What Works, What Doesn't. By Alexander Garvin. (McGraw Hill, 2002)
  • Direction of Cities. By John Guinther with Foreward by Bacon. (Viking Adult, 1996)

Bacon's Films

  • Form Design And The City. (AIA, 1963), Running time: 57:10.
  • Understanding Cities: John Nash and London. (Urban Productions, 1984), Running time: 00:29.
  • Understanding Cities: Paris. (Urban Productions, 1984), Running time: 00:29.
  • Understanding Cities: Rome - Impact of an Idea. (Urban Productions, 1984), Running time: 00:29.
  • Understanding Cities: The American Urban Experience. (Urban Productions, 1984), Running time: 00:29.
  • Understanding Cities: The City of the Future. (Urban Productions, 1984), Running time: 00:29.

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