A Refocused Perception of Place and PARK(ing): The Sidewalk Shroud

September 21, 2016 | Explore + Learn

At PARK(ing) Day this year, KSS Architects designed and constructed the “Sidewalk Shroud” at Washington Square Park, a pop-up sanctuary for pedestrians to experience their normal commute in a new and profound way .This sanctuary offers the visitor brief pause from their surroundings.

“Two factors that are not often considered in someone’s parking spot, sidewalk, and commute experience are other passersby and contextual surroundings,” said Becker Raab, one of the dedicated members of the KSS design team. This year, KSS’s design was conceptualized under the leadership of Melanie Whedon, Jordan Mrazik, Jesse Wilks, and Becker Raab, with invaluable support from Jessica Mangin, Matthew Claus, and Beth Emig. Born from a firm-wide design charrette to visualize “Civic Symbiosis”, the months-long process to define the final form, detail the construction, and inspire visitors to consider ‘the habitat and inhabitant’ produced the Sidewalk Shroud.

The driving goal: offer the unique opportunity to reflect and experience the local cityscape that an individual might otherwise miss on a daily commute.

Article Preview: Copper pipe anchored in the end of the fabric panels, two layers of translucent drapery formulating an internal space, the tree canopy engulfing the installation, and the skyline peeking through the top all united to enhance the experience. The rhythm of the copper pipe on wood framing and the responsive swaying fabric in the breeze added to the visitor’s immersion with its variance to the cars speeding by and conversations in flux. “The interior was completely activated in fleeting distortions while the frame of leaves, sky, and towering building above offered stability and tranquility,” noted Grace Chi, Marketing Manager.

Read more about KSS's design and photos of the process and final product here: http://bit.ly/2dbHk0r

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